Car Camping Checklist

Click here for printable checklist.

Beginners Backpacking List:




-Head Lamp

-Knife/ Multi-tool

-Pack rain cover

-Sleeping bag

-Sleeping pad

-Stove & fuel

-Cooking pot

-Eating Utensils


-Water bottle/bladder

-Water treatment


-Toilet Paper

-Cat-hole trowel

-Small First-Aid kit


Strongly Recommended:

-25-50 ft cord/rope for bear bag

-Stuff sack for food bag

-Duct Tape

-Sewing Kit

-Very small bottle of biodegradable soap

-Small bottle of hand sanitizer

-Plastic bags to carry out waste

-1 garbage bag & 1-2 extra ziplock bags


-100% DEET bug repellent

-Applicable maps for the area


-Small toothbrush & travel sized toothpaste

-Matches in waterproof container and/or butane lighter

-Trekking poles



(Including what you are wearing)


-Fleece or wool sweater

-Hiking (wool) socks

-Liner socks

-Hiking shirt (wicking)

-Hiking shorts/pants No jeans or Cotton

-Lightweight long underwear

-Lightweight cap

-Breathable rain coat or rain pants

-Sun hat

-Wicking underwear


Optional clothing according to conditions:

-Camp shoes or sandals

-Down booties

-Heavy gloves and/or mittens

-Heavy long underwear

-Insulated vest or fleece vest

-Insulated jacket or fleece jacket

-Insulated pants or fleece pants

-Button down shirt w/ convertible sleeves


 Optional items & luxury items:

 -Camp Towel (small sized)

 -Compact Binoculars

 -Small digital camera

 -Lightweight camp chair or sitting pad

 -Sleeping bag liner

 -Individually wrapped personal wash wipe (used ones must be packed out)